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Feel secure knowing our Trust Personnel have over 40 years of experience in the Trust Industry. This experience and deep commitment to you allows us to understand your individual needs so we can meet your financial requirements. You’ll get a recommended plan that’s suited to your personal financial plan. In addition, your affairs will be managed professionally and confidentially.

After conducting a thorough review of your objectives and needs, you’ll have the option to pick from an array of services to meet your long-term and short-term goals. So if you’re looking for local Trust Professionals committed to helping you prepare for the future then look no further than FNBM.  Our Trust and Investment Services offer a full and complete range of trust and investment services for both the individual and business.

Simply call us at 570-544-1709 or 877-561-1817 to learn more about our services that include:

Estate Settlement

Choosing an executor or personal representative is just as important as deciding who will receive your estate. As your executor, we can make the settlement process easier and more efficient for those you leave behind. You’ll feel comfortable knowing you have a reputable executor responsible for managing and distributing your estate assets in accordance with the terms of your will. By using us as a neutral third party, you can save your loved ones the burdens that accompany the settlement of one’s estate during a difficult time.

Agent for Executor

For those individuals who are named executor, but aren’t sure what to do, you will have someone you can rely on to act as an agent if you decide not to take on the burdensome task. As your agent, you’ll get full services or selective services on an ‘as needed’ basis to make your role of executor run smoother.

Trust Under Will

A trust can be set up under your will for many purposes. It can provide financial supervision for a family member or members, or it can be set up for the benefit of an organization or charity. This type of trust can provide estate tax savings, protection for your spouse and/or family and maintain flexibility that is not available with an outright bequest.

Inter Vivos Trust

Commonly known as a Living Trust, this type of trust is established during your lifetime. It offers the advantages of professional investment management, flexibility, record keeping, income services, bill paying and can reduce probate expenses. A Living Trust allows you to see your estate plan in action and will allow you to modify your estate plan as needed.

Guardianship Administration

If you require someone to act as a court appointed guardian of the assets of an incapacitated person or a minor child, FNBM can help with guardianship administration.

Investment Management

Sometimes you need investment advice and management to meet your individual objectives. You can meet your goals thanks to the research and analysis FNBM provides you.

Employee Benefit

Finally have someone serve as trustee or investment manager of your qualified retirement plan who understands the process. You can have investment management, asset record keeping, and benefit payment services handled by our experienced individuals who have the hands-on knowledge to manage your plan for you.

Individual Retirement Account

Experience the convenience of having a trustee or custodian of your IRA or IRA Rollover Account. With the IRA product you have the flexibility to have us perform the investment management, or you can retain the investment responsibility while allowing us to perform the custodial services.


In this capacity, FNBM provides administrative, clerical and custody services, which include record keeping, income collection and safekeeping / purchasing or selling of securities at your direction, while you make the investment decisions.

Corporate Trust

If you need someone to serve as trustee, investment manager, paying agent or escrow agent for various governmental agencies, such as school districts and municipal authorities, look to FNBM.

Portfolio Account Link (PAL)

Trust products are not insured by FDIC, are not deposits on other obligations of the institution and are not guaranteed by the institution and are subject to investment risk including possible loss of the principal investment.

For further information on any of the above services, please contact our offices at

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